Reasons to Re-Frame Your Original Art

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If you have an original piece of artwork, you may think you cannot change the frame. However, sometimes changing it can be beneficial to the artwork. In many cases, you can improve your artwork's appeal and value with a new frame. Here are some excellent reasons to re-frame your original artwork and when you should have the old one repaired instead.

The Frame Is Damaged

An original frame that is damaged beyond repair does no justice to your artwork. In some cases, you can repair the frame. However, damage such as cracked or split wood may not be worth repairing. You may also want to re-frame if pests invade the artwork or damage the frame and mat.

The Frame Is Damaging the Artwork

When you have artwork on paper, you have to be careful with everything that comes in contact with it. Some frames come with cardboard backing that can damage the paper and mat. Over time, acid can cause the artwork to change colours and white paper to turn yellow.

The Frame Makes the Painting Look Worse

Sometimes, the original frame detracts from the beauty of the artwork. It might be too light, too fancy, or too dark. For example, you may feel a large frame and mat overwhelms a small painting. Often, changing the frame can create an almost-new piece of artwork.

The Frame Doesn't Match Your Decor

If the artwork's frame looks out of place in your home, then you may want to have it re-framed to match your other ones. You may also want to change your frame to match the style of your home. A classic-looking frame may look odd in a contemporary or modern home and vice-versa.

The Frame Can Benefit From New Styles

Some frame styles have fallen out of popularity. Therefore, they may look obviously dated or out-of-place. For example, certain styles of metal frames were once popular but are not so much anymore. Outdated frames can detract from the beauty and visual appeal of the artwork. If you choose an updated frame, you can keep the focus on the artwork instead.

There are some instances where you shouldn't frame an old piece of artwork. For one, if the frame and painting are antiques, then you may wish to restore it instead. Some old museum-quality artworks have frames made of materials and techniques that are no longer available. However, even an extremely old piece of artwork can benefit from a new frame in some cases. Check with your framer to see if re-framing would damage or enhance your antique artwork.

If you have original artwork, reach out to a professional who provides original art framing services. 

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